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Rizki Maulana Citra

Student & Frontend Developer

Hello👋, I'm Rizki Maulana Citra, a guy who loves to code, music and coffee. Welcome to my personal website, where you can find my portfolio, blog and more.

As a self-taught developer, I started learning web development when I was in 12th grade and have been gradually improving my skills over time.

I am passionate about Frontend Development and enjoy working on the Web. I love combining my technical knowledge and creativity to build engaging and user-friendly websites and applications.

I'm very interested with Frontend Architecture, Frontend Accessibility, and User Experience, and also interested in mobile development with Kotlin .

As a person, I am constantly striving to improve myself and become a better person. I believe that growth and personal development are important aspects of a fulfilling life.

On this website, I like to share my various thoughts about web development related topics, general daily life and a place for showcasing my portfolio.

Featured Post

If you're looking for some interesting reads, check out my featured blog post. sorted from latest to least, feel free to explore it.

Improving Performance in React with Code-Splitting and Memoization

19 min read

A slow or unresponsive app can frustrate users and lead to a poor user experience. In today's competitive market, it's more important than ever to ensure that your app is delivering the best possible experience to your users.

A Powerful CSS Pseudo Class, Let's Take a Look at CSS :has()

cssweb dev
8 min read

Ever heard of CSS :has() pseudo-class? well in this post, let's dive into CSS :has() pseudo-class and get a better understanding of how it works.

How To Setup Husky, Lint Staged, And Commitizen On A Next.js Project

10 min read

Coding is not just writing lines of code, we often end up do everything manually, so why not use some tools that help us achieve our goals? This article will show you how to setup Husky, Lint Staged, And Conventional Commit With Next.js

Featured Portfolio

Check out my featured portfolio, feel free to explore it.

Expense App

Expense App

ExpenseApp is an app to see you expense history, income history and help you notes what you're buying lately💰

NEXT.js Blog

NEXT.js Blog

NEXT.js starter blog with MDX, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, pre-configured Development Environment.

React Ngobs

React Ngobs

Chat app with React, and Firebase, simple and can be accessed by everyone